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BRIGAID Connect - Transdisciplinary expertise - To ensure the adequate consideration of social, environmental and economic factors
Innovation development support

Transforming innovators into entrepreneurs

Network & Visibility

Connecting entrepreneurs to

Innovation development support

Transforming innovators into entrepreneurs.

BRIGAID Connect - Services for Innovators reslience enterpreneurs -Innovation development support

BRIGAID Connect offers a one-stop-shop for innovation development support. We use a combination of online tools, expert consulting, and additional assets such as testing sites and funding for technical testing.

Our innovation development programme has been developed and validated within the BRIGAID project, supporting over 50 climate adaptation innovations with their technical and business development.


Innovators can apply for up to € 25,000 for the set-up and execution of an innovation testing plan.

Innovation testing

Demonstration facilities for technical testing, including Flood Proof Holland and Flood Proof Romania, allow the innovators to test their technology in a real-world environment. Amplified by expert consulting and free testing and implementation tools, the innovation climbs the ladder to the next Technology Readiness Levels.

Business development

A combination of in-person workshops, coaching and free online market assessment tools results in the creation of a viable and fundable business plan that is ready for the market.

Network & Visibility

Connecting entrepreneurs to end-users

BRIGAID Connect - Services for Innovators reslience enterpreneurs - Networking and visibility

So you have a brilliant innovation that is ready for the market and ready to contribute to save, sustainable and thriving European societies. But how do you reach the end-users and how do you convince them to adopt your solution?

BRIGAID Connect offers a multitude array of services to improve the network and visibility of innovations.

Climate Innovation Window

The CIW showcases over 120 innovations that offer solution to climate problems, including droughts, floods, wildfires and extreme weather.

Communities of Innovation

Together, we stand strong. Through the creation of communities of Innovation, networks are built consisting of end-users, experts, funders, and innovators. At showcase events, innovations are presented and connections are made.

Access to experts

Our extensive network offers experts throughout Europe (and beyond) on climate adaptation, innovation, business, engineering, and more.

Marketing support

A strong technical innovation is not enough to convince end-users to choose your solution. With our (online) programme for brand development and pitch training, innovators can successfully present their value proposition to potential end-users and other interested parties.

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